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Doug McCrea

Jane Brody

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merging a love of food & wine from world traditions

Welcome to the La Vida Wine Bar, where we believe that life is worth living to the fullest. Doug McCrea has been a winemaker in Washington for more than 20 years, and in 2006 turned his eye to a crop of beautiful Spanish varietals being grown in the foothills of the Cascades. The first vintage of Tempranillo, a lush and traditional Spanish grape, knocked his socks off, and Doug was committed. He created the Salida label, in honor of the falling leaves and the harvest of grapes - the exit (salida) of flavors from the vine and into the bottles.

As time went on, Doug began to feel the itch to bring more Spanish wines into the lives of Thurston County residents. Thus began a 2 year search for the perfect spot to build a project that honors his love of food & wine, brings to life the feel and textures of Spain with the flair of Washington, and creates the opportunity for more folks to share in this beautiful dream. La Vida Wine Bar is the culmination of a wine dream - a gathering place to share all that makes life a celebration.




Doug McCrea has earned the respect of winemakers across this entire country, has made an extraordinary and incalculable contribution to what Washington wine has evolved into.